About Libri Publishing House

Libri, originally a publishing house of encyclopaedic literature, has brought out almost two hundred original titles many of which have been re-printed since it was founded at the turn of 1992/1993. Particular attention is focused on art subjects, which were neglected and distorted in the past by Marxist or nationalist ideology. As well as biographical dictionaries such as Kdo byl kdo (Who Was Who) and Slovníky spisovatelů (Dictionaries of Writers), many encyclopaedias are devoted to architectural treasures in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia under our Naše dědictví (Our Heritage) edition containing information about castles, chateaux, forts, monasteries and convents, Loreto chapels, bell towers, towns and cities - particularly Prague - spas, gardens, bridges, water mills and other technical monuments), history and historical sciences, archaeology, geography and historical geography, mythology and a basic series devoted to further disciplines (politics, economics etc.).

Libri also publishes non-encyclopaedic publications (non-fiction) that likewise focuses particularly on history or cultural history such as Historická řada (Historical Series), Stručná historie států (Short History of States), Dějiny českých zemí (History of the Czech Lands), Otazníky našich dějin (Questions Concerning Our History).

The LIBRI publishing house focuses on top experts and publicists, while always endeavouring to make the wording of its publications beneficial to or balanced out not only for specialists but also to a broad section of the lay public as depicted by the publishing house logo - a pair of scales. Likewise production does not only focus on the Czech Lands, but also brings information about other countries and world cultural heritage. The specific nature of production is original published work as the majority of the authors write in Czech by being mostly directly commissioned by LIBRI (including compatriots in the US or Great Britain), there are authors from Slovakia and other countries, which particularly applies to members of collectives contributing to the Slovníky spisovatelů (Dictionaries of Writers) edition. The many reprints and new issues of many titles, a whole series of prestigious publishing prizes, the ever increasing number of issued publications (in 1993 2 titles, in 2002 over 160 titles), translation of some titles abroad and, last but not least, a lot of direct responses from readers and their interest in the LIBRI web site (visited 1 million times in 2001) shows that the publishing house has chosen the right road and its prestige is rising from year to year.

Our web site contains not only information about published or forthcoming titles, editorial plans, annotations, selections and entire databases, but we also welcome your critical comments, suggestions for future publications sent to our web or by e-mail to libri@libri.cz and you can also use our web to contact the authors of our publications or arrange the sale of copyrights if we represent authors abroad.

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